Slide The Buttercup

... the Nuorese spring smiled ... large yellow buttercups, moist as the dew shone in the silvery meadows and the first stars that appeared at nightfall smiled at the flowers: the sky and the earth seemed like mirrors that were reflected ...

(Grazia Deledda – Canne al vento.)



The meaning of the Buttercup

Buttercups are simple flowers, but very colorful and joyful that, due to their shape and their beauty, are widely used for the wedding floral arrangements and for the composition of the bride’s bouquet, either alone, or accompanied by other flowers.

In the language of flowers, buttercups are associated with languid and melancholic beauty.

It is a tradition that during the Holy Week, the buttercups are brought to the Madonna, as legend has it that Jesus created them by taking the stars of the sky to give them to the mother as buttons of the dress, hence the name also of “botton d ‘gold”

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